Urine Luck Review: A Urine Additive Choice that Will Save Your Job

It’s a timeless issue for those of us who prefer the finer things in life. You’re just an honest man or woman looking for an honest job, and you just happen to have a little fun every so often. You find a company that seems to be the right fit for you—and wouldn’t you know it, you’re the right fit for them! They can’t wait to have you onboard.

The catch? They just need you to undergo the tiniest formality of a drug test. They’re sure you’ll pass, it’s just for the suits upstairs, you know? Clean image and all!

Unfortunately, you’re…not so clean. At least, not for the past month. And you just know that they’re gonna find something extra in your urine sample; and if they do, you can kiss your chances at that cushy job goodbye.

What are your options, then? The answer lies in your pee itself—or rather, what you can do to it in order to fix your problem. That’s where urine additives like Urine Luck come in!

How Does Urine Luck Work?

urine luck packageUrine Luck is a branded urine additive by Spectrum Labs that can help you pass a drug test, specifically the kind that checks for nicotine in urine. Urine Luck differs from synthetic urine in that it doesn’t replace your sample. Instead, you add it to your own urine sample to remove all traces of nicotine.

Urine Luck contains a solution of chemicals that combines with nicotine compounds in urine and neutralizes them without a trace. It works with alcohol, tobacco, and other similar toxins. It comes in a tiny dose spread out over two easily-concealed vials.

Urine Luck is easy to use and fast acting—all you have to do is mix Urine Luck and your urine sample at least 90 minutes before your test, and you’ll have a good chance of a negative result. Urine Luck starts working immediately the moment it mixes with your urine, but the longer you wait, the better the chance of a negative result.

This short preparation time, the lack of any need to microwave or otherwise prepare a sample, and the easily-hidden vials all make Urine Luck especially ideal to keep on hand for a random drug test when you’ve already got the job.

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How Effective is Urine Luck?

Spectrum Labs says that with the correct usage, Urine Luck has a 99.6% chance of success. This can be affected by several factors, including whether you’re a daily user, how much water you’ve drunk prior to your test, and how long the sample has been in contact with Urine Luck.

scale questionUrine Luck works best when you’re taking a test that relies on the more accurate gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method of drug detection, as this test will immediately detect if the nicotine compounds have been changed and will return a negative result.

Urine Luck should not be used for the fast, imprecise nicotine screens, as its mechanism of action doesn’t affect these. We’d suggest a good synthetic urine alternative instead.

What Does Urine Luck Contain?

Spectrum Labs states that Urine Luck contains no acids, pyridine, glutaraldehyde, and nitrites. This isn’t necessarily a concern, as you’re not supposed to drink Urine Luck anyway! (Please don’t.)

The warning labels indicate that it may cause irritation if it touches your skin, and explicitly say not to take it internally.

How Much Is Urine Luck?

Urine Luck is on the market for between $29.95 and $35.00 depending on the retailer. It comes in one size, containing two small vials that are enough to cleanse a 60-90mL urine sample.

Let’s not beat around the bush here:

That’s significantly more expensive than a lot of synthetic urine options! However, Urine Luck itself is undetectable by any drug test. It’s also added straight to your actual urine rather than replacing it, which makes it potentially more credible than fake pee.

One might argue that a 99.6% success rate is still smaller than the 100% success rate you’d get with synthetic urine, but fake pee has its own risks. Some cheaper synthetic urine products might lack uric acid, for example, which any good drug test lab will check for to verify that the sample you provide is real. This will immediately out you as a fake pee user, which may or may not look worse than simply having a positive drug result.

Where Can I Buy Urine Luck?

shopping from authorized online shopUrine Luck is available at a variety of online resellers, which sell the additive at a variety of lower prices. These discounts are usually not all that big, though, usually in the range of a couple of dollars cheaper per dose. Veteran buyers will know all too well the fear associated with buying a dud product from one of these untrustworthy third parties.

At this point, it’s better to just trust the official Spectrum Labs store and buy it for the list price of $35. That way, you’re guaranteed an authentic, functional, unexpired product.


Urine Luck’s unique advantages over fake pee are definitely worth the extra expense. You have to understand and respect its limitations—don’t use it for instant drug screening, for example—and pay extra attention to the preparation process so that you don’t screw up.

Once you’ve got the usage correct, Urine Luck becomes an essential companion for the daily user or fresh-faced interviewee. Keep a couple of vials on hand for your random tests, and maybe some fake pee for the times you need to be screened, and you’ll be protected against any drug test!

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