Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review: DON’T PANIC! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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quick fix 6.2 synthetic urine new formulaThere’s no shame if you enjoy a little recreational drug use every once in a while. All the science points to the cannabis plant being a powerful and versatile medicinal herb more than a dangerous deadly drug. It’s been proven that it does more good than harm, but society still has a ways to go before we can collectively accept that.

Even in 2019, many workplaces still deem drug testing mandatory. And while there are a ton of ways to cheat the system so your urine doesn’t test positive, not all of them are effective or safe—some of them even do more harm to your body than actual drugs you’re taking!

So if you need something that’s quick and easy to help you land that dream job, there’s definitely a product that can help. We found the best synthetic urine on the market today that guarantees its formula is foolproof in their own laboratory and in modern-day drug testing.

Of course, with every and any product you purchase, knowledge is truly power. The more you know, the more you can be prepared. Read on to know more about this holy grail of synthetic pees, the Quick Fix synthetic urine.


What Is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and What Is It For?

Quick Fix 6.2 is a brand of novelty synthetic urine. It is the best-selling fake pee on the market today with a patented formula. Artificial urine is typically used for passing drug tests, but some people also use it for other things like science experiments, pranks, animal or pest repellent, gardening, and, um… not gardening? Hey, we’re not one to judge!

quick fix plus pee new formulaFor people who have drug tests coming up though, this specific brand of synthetic pee has been pre-tested by manufacturers to ensure that it calibrates urine testing machines into giving test-takers a passing result.

Quick Fix pee is unisex, which means it works for both male and female. Unlike the other synthetic pees you see on the market today, like the dehydrated or powdered urine kinds, Quick Fix 6.2 comes as a liquid, ready-to-use form which makes it useful in any situation.

It only takes like 10-20 seconds to prepare, so the name is quite literally what it claims to be—a quick fix. Quick Fix plus also sells a whole kit of leg attachments, tubes, and a whole bunch of paraphernalia and doo-dads so you can easily fool clinic staff (for those times when they just have to be within 5 feet of you when you do your business, because some drug testing labs really do that!)

Quick Fix 6.2 and all its previous versions have multiple patents by the United States Patent Office. Each batch is lab-tested before it is sent out for delivery so as to assure the quality of the product.


Who Makes Quick Fix 6.2?

Quick Fix 6.2 is made by Spectrum Labs. Through the years, they’ve continually improved their product to make them as advanced as the current drug tests today. They’ve made early formulations of Quick Fix, including versions like Quick Fix 4.0, 5.0, 5.7, 5.7-1, 6.0, 6.1, and now their latest version, 6.2.

For 25 years, Spectrum Labs and their Quick Fix line of products have ranked #1 when it comes to artificial urine with gleaming reviews and a steady stream (pun intended?) of returning customers.

How Do Urine Tests Work?

Urine tests and screenings can detect urine contents including any drugs in the presence of a person’s system. They’re quick, painless, and easy, and other than detecting drugs, they can also catch signs of infections, diseases, and diabetes.

Depending on what you are being tested for, some urine tests require that you give a sample of your first pee of the day and suggest that you catch pee mid-stream. Others though have no specifications and can ask you to pee in a cup right then and there.

Many workplaces require urine drug tests for new employees and existing employees. While there are other tests to screen for drugs (like hair tests), urine tests are the most cost-effective and practical.

The difference between urine drug tests (learn more) and hair drug tests are that urine tests are able to catch the presence of drugs in urine for recent users, meaning if you’ve had cannabis anywhere from the past few months to the past few hours, it will detect the presence of CBD and THC. Hair tests however can screen for the presence of drug usage even years and years prior.

urine drug test strip

Does Quick Fix Plus Really Work?

YES! Unlike other synthetic urine brands on the market or even detox kits, Quick Fix has a patented, foolproof formula. Each sample is pre-tested before it is sent out for purchase or delivery.

Spectrum Labs prides themselves when it comes to quality assurance as well as customer service. They’re super helpful and answer any questions you may have about using Quick Fix.


Where to Buy Quick Fix 6.2?

Quick Fix is available in most head shops, smoke shops, some vape shops, cannabis dispensaries, and adult novelty stores across America. If you’re not sure, ask them!

If you purchase from the manufacturer directly, sometimes Spectrum Labs offers sales and discounts through their authorized dealers. One of their pretty infamous discounts to-date is their ‘buy three, get one free’ deal. That’s already a pretty sweet bargain, since you already need more than a 2 ounce bottle for a full urine cup test.

Plus, you can keep the rest handy for any random drug tests within the year. Genius, right?

How to Use Quick Fix Plus

Each bottle of Quick Fix 6.2 comes in a volume of 2 ounces, enough for just one test. It can fill a standard testing cup exactly. If you need more, you can either buy another bottle or buy the Quick Fix Plus version which gives you an extra ounce of urine and can fill up the testing cup a little over the required minimum.

As a precaution and in the anticipation of any spillage, purchasing the Quick Fix Plus version can save you some panic.

Two other things to keep in mind when you’re about to use Quick Fix Plus other than just supply and amount, are temperature and method. Make sure your sample of Quick Fix is at the right temperature, and on the off-chance you’ll be supervised during your exam, make sure you’ve got a gadget ready to make it look like you’re actually peeing.

technician testing urine

FAQs About Using Quick Fix 6.2:

Q: If one bottle of Quick Fix isn’t enough and I don’t have time to buy another one, is it okay to mix it with water or another substance?

A: NO. Adding any foreign or extra substance to your sample of Quick Fix, whether liquid, powder form, solid form, etc., can compromise and alter the chemical structure. Each bottle is sampled and tested to ensure quality. Adding something else to it, and you’ll risk contaminating your sample or even worse, you’ll risk your test results.

Q: Help! The test strip on my Quick Fix bottle isn’t reading the temperature! Did I make my sample too hot?

A: Don’t panic! This typically happens and it’s nothing to fret about. If your sample is indeed too hot, leave it at room temperature to cool down a bit and you should see the strip read a temp up to the green line. Once it’s cooled, you may reheat until you get a proper reading.

Make sure to heat in intervals of 10 seconds, meaning, heat it for 10 seconds, and check on the temperature reading before heating it again. An ideal temp reading would be 96 degrees F.


Q: I don’t have a microwave, and I tried to warm it up with my body temperature, but nothing’s worked. Can I leave it out in the sun?

A: Nope.  Under no circumstance should you leave out your Quick Fix urine out in the sun.

Q: OKAY, so, what actually happens if a bottle of Quick Fix synthetic urine is under direct sunlight?

A: Depending on how long it’s been exposed to sunlight, it might be tricky to tell. There are no visual signs that can help tell if the sample has been compromised, but the urine itself may have already gone bad.

The UV rays from the sun can seriously alter and compromise the sample, as it affects the biochemical structure of Quick Fix. If you’re not sure how long it’s been in the sun, better to toss away the sample.

Q: Is fake urine illegal to purchase?

A: It is not, depending on the state or country, and given that the purchaser is of legal age. For most states in America, there is no telling as to what purpose its purchase is. Although it does cater and is used by a specific demographic, its purchase and possession is not at all illegal for those states.

Q: I’m not living in the US but I need this! Does Quick Fix do international shipping?

A: Currently, Quick Fix synthetic urine only ships outside the US to Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom. Items shipped to those countries are still subject to import customs, fees, and inspections. Quick Fix is not responsible for those fees.

Q: How much does Quick Fix cost?

A: Quick Fix synthetic urine prices start at $29.95 for a 2 ounce bottle. For a 3 ounce bottle of Quick Fix Plus, it will cost $39.95. Quick Fix also has value packs starting at $89.95 for a 3+1 pack of 2 ounce bottles and $119.95 for a 3+1 pack of 3 ounce bottles.

Please note that purchases with Quick Fix over $150 may require a signature upon receipt of package.



Compared to earlier versions of Quick Fix, and compared to other detoxing drinks, pills, and kits; Quick Fix 6.2 when used properly is reliable and won’t let you down. Remember to always follow the instructions to the T, purchase from the manufacturer or from verified resellers, to ensure the quality of the product.

Quick Fix 6.2 also isn’t just a product that’s foolproof for those purposes, it’s also used by research labs who study urine, and it’s also used for urine therapy for few who believe in that urine has some healing or detoxing property.

Quick Fix is also used by many farmers and gardeners, as urine is a great animal repellent for keeping pesky deer and raccoons away from your lawn. Quick Fix is also a favorite for some pranksters who want the fun, but of course without the health risks of possibly getting someone sick from real pee.

This thing is the real deal! Don’t settle for sub-par synthetic urine products, if you have the means shoot for the best of the best. Shoot for Quick Fix 6.2.